A new and updated edition of the highly successful French Oral & Aural Book for Leaving Certificate French

Bien Dit! (3rd edition)

The highly successful Bien Dit! has been updated and enhanced to prepare both Ordinary and Higher Level students for the Leaving Certificate French oral and aural exam.

Written by Seán McDermott, former Chairperson of the French Teacher’s Association and an experienced examiner and monitor of the French oral exams, this comprehensive textbook is divided into easy-to-use sections making it the most effective guide in preparing for the oral and aural exam.

      • Current and up-to-date topics
      • Bright and visually appealing design and updated with new artwork
      • Entire audio script printed in the book
  • Section 1 includes a comprehensive examination section with tips and advice. The marking scheme explains how marks are awarded for each of the four skill areas in the oral exam:
      • Pronunciation
      • Vocabulary
      • Structure
      • Communication
  • Section 2 contains 18 topic-based updated units, covering the most commonly asked topics in the oral exam. This section:
      • Provides essential vocabulary and expressions for each topic
      • Is packed with questions and answers allowing students to generate their own conversations
      • Features 18 exam-based sample conversations
      • Includes a self-assessment section in every chapter
      • Includes listening exercises to help prepare students for the aural exam
      • Explains the main grammatical points and contextualizes them in relation to exam topics
  • Section 3 addresses 12 updated current issues, providing students with a rich resource of audio material and relevant vocabulary and expressions
  • Section 4 is the Document section and it includes tips, useful vocabulary and documents for students to practise with.

Digital Resources

Teachers can access the Bien Dit! interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie including:

18 mock oral videos and transcripts
Audio transcripts
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