Health & Wellbeing 1

For the 2023 Junior Cycle Specification

NEW Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1 has been written for the 2023 Junior Cycle SPHE Course specification.

It covers the four strands and learning outcomes of the SPHE element of Wellbeing


The complete Package for Edco Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1 contains:

  • Student Textbook
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Free Digital Resources


  • Easy-to-read, bright and attractive design,
    with full-colour illustrations and engaging photos
  • Uses easily understandable and age-appropriate language
  • Each strand addresses each of the Eight Key Skills of the Junior Cycle
  • Includes new and updated, age appropriate units on diversity, emotional health, advertising and young people, RSE, mindfulness, stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Comprehensively addresses all areas of SPHE as a core element of 2023 Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme
  • Not a ‘one size fits all’ lesson-based textbook – this publication allows class groups the flexibility to progress through each unit at their own pace
  • Includes a wide range of activities and assessment techniques which acknowledge the different learning styles and varying needs of students
  • Learning Intentions given for each unit, with quizzes and activities to establish students’ level of knowledge
  • ‘Reflections’ allow students to reflect on their learning and to keep a record of it, facilitating the completion of classroom-based assessments (CBAs)
  • Follows best practice in addressing the health and wellbeing needs of young people
  • Cyberbullying covered in detail, with tips and suggestions for dealing with it
  • Key words are listed at the beginning of each unit and explained throughout the text
  • Wellbeing indicators are included for each activity


A Free Teacher’s Resource Book supporting this series provides:

  • Practical guidelines for implementing the new 2023 SPHE specification in a student-centred and empathetic way
  • An extensive section on teaching SPHE, including planning, assessment for learning, SPHE and interculturalism, SPHE policy, record-keeping and reporting to parents
  • Additional background information, as is necessary
  • A reference section, including website links for both students and teachers, thus enabling both to remain up to date on the full range of topics
  • Ways in which the activities may be adapted for varying classroom situations and a range of abilities including suggestions for differentiation and classroom management
  • Alternative methodologies suitable for mixed ability classes, pair and group work
  • Solutions to quizzes and crosswords 


Teachers can access the Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1 interactive e-book at, as well as a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • A series of PowerPoints covering a range of key topics, including mental and physical wellbeing, substance use and relationships
  • Lively, scenario-based animations and informational videos for students to discuss in the classroom
  • Interactive quizzes to consolidate learning
  • Worksheets to accompany the animations and videos
  • A comprehensive list of weblinks for each unit