A Complete Three Year Book for Junior Cycle French

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En Avant !

En Avant ! is the first 3-year book on the market to comprehensively cover the entire three-year French Junior Cycle. Written by a highly experienced MFL author team Liz Shinners and Liz Benson.

The En Avant ! package includes:

  • Student Textbook
  • Learning Log (Dossier)
  • Free Student e-Book
  • Free Audio App
  • Student Interactive ‘Quizlet’ Site
  • Teacher’s Resource Book and CDs
  • Free Digital Resources

Student Textbook

  • The structure of the book allows for easy planning and allows time for assessment and revision
  • Each unit is designed as a Unit of Learning to support teachers’ planning in line with the Junior Cycle Specification
  • Units and activities build slowly and progressively, becoming more challenging over the three years to ensure learning is built on and knowledge is integrated from earlier units
  • Each unit is designed and planned in line with the Modern Foreign Language Learning Outcomes
  • Instructions are also in French and English in earlier units to make the book more accessible to students
  • Learning intentions (Les Objectifs) are displayed at the beginning of each unit which makes planning convenient for teachers and helps the student focus on what to expect
  • Key grammar is listed at the beginning of each unit
  • Grammar is explained and reinforced with grammar in context exercises
  • Units all provide opportunities to engage with authentic-style French texts
  • Culture sections throughout each unit teach students about French and Francophone habits and customs, developing sociocultural knowledge and promoting intercultural awareness
  • The language learning strategies in each unit provide helpful tips for language acquisition
  • Pronunciation tutorials are signposted throughout
  • The reflection moments throughout the book and dossier develop student’s working knowledge of reflection which can then be put in action in the reflection task in CBA 1
  • The book has a task-based approach with each unit working toward a task at the end
  • Colour-coding is used to highlight different types of activities – grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening and cultural awareness
  • Extension activities (En Plus) are optional activities for more advanced language learners and function as a mode of differentiation
  • All assessment needs are covered with guidelines and samples for both CBAs and Sample Exam Papers assist with preparation for the written exam

Learning Log – Dossier

A FREE Learning Log, which students can use as their language portfolio – a place to collect pieces of work.

The Dossier includes:

    • An end of unit reflection on language learning strategies and success criteria for end of unit tasks
    • The Units of Learning are reinforced in the Dossier
    • A peer and group feedback feature provide a strong emphasis on active learning
Teacher’s Resource Book

En Avant ! Teacher’s Resource Book will help you to plan your lessons more easily and contains:

  • Planning advice and Scheme of Work
  • Sample Units of Learning & Full Year Plan
  • End-of-unit tests for Assessment for Learning
  • Extension activities with worksheets
  • Printed solutions to textbook activities, learning diary tests, extension exercises and end of unit tests
  • Full Audio transcripts
  • Free Teacher’s CDs upon request

New Audio App – this free App allows students to listen to audio tracks for their En Avant ! textbook. The App can be downloaded to a mobile or desktop device. Tracks are also available to listen to online. www.edcoaudioapp.ie

Digital Resources

Teachers and students can access the En Avant ! interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, plus a bank of free digital resources.

The Digital Resources include:

  • Student website with ‘Quizlet’ activities and interactive grammar and language quizzes for consolidation and revision
  • Pronunciation tutorials to aid oral communication
  • Sample CBA presentation videos for exam support
  • Audio tracks in digital format
  • Follow-up worksheets for every video
  • Ready-made, editable PowerPoints on key grammar points and vocabulary to aid topic introduction and revision
  • Topic videos and vlogs showing students using French-language skills in everyday life

E-Books & Digital Resources Available