Money Matters

Transition Year Finance

Money Matters is a new and ready-to-go learning package for Transition Year Finance.

Money Matters is a new and ready-to-go learning package offering an opportunity for Transition Year students to learn fundamental life skills relating to financial literacy.

Money Matters will help students to learn about saving, investing, enterprise and general money management.

Written by Susan Hayes Culleton, who also co-wrote the bestselling Positive Economics for Leaving Certificate Economics, Money Matters is proudly sponsored by CFA Society Ireland.

The package includes:
● Free teacher textbook
● Teacher e-book
● FREE teacher digital resources

Student Textbook

● Structured according to three strands – enterprise, personal finance and investing – so that the module can be shaped by the teacher and the students’ interests

● Designed to suit all types of learners, from visual to logical to active

Packed with exercises for active learning in the classroom

● Nestles concepts in real-life case studies for better
understanding and application to the real world

Offers five types of activities to develop key skills: numeracy, oracy, research, visual and writing

● Introduces exciting, complex subjects such as the stock market in an accessible way

Linked to concepts in the Leaving Certificate Economics, Business and Accounting curricula

● Contains a question on journaling and reflective thought at the end of each chapter

● Includes insights into careers and the skills sought out in today’s workplace

Accompanied by extra activities and online tools for further investigation and suggests many free technology tools for homework or in-class projects

About CFA Society Ireland

CFA Society Ireland is a member organisation of CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst), whose mission is to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.

This book is sponsored by CFA Society Ireland.

About the Author

Susan HayesCulleton, CFA, has co-written Positive Economics, the market-leading Leaving
Certificate Economics textbook. Susan also has two other books published by Penguin
Susan co-founded #SavvyTeenAcademy, a summer camp focusing on careers,
communication and confidence as well as TY work experiences for teenagers in financial
services and other sectors. She is co-founder of Active Peers, which specialises in peer
learning for training and events. Susan also has her own YouTube show called Fantastic
Female Fridays focusing on women and investing.

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