Time for Business

A New and Updated Package for Junior Cycle Business Studies

A new and updated edition of the market-leading Time for Business for the Junior Cycle. Written by a team of highly experienced teachers and authors, the new Time for Business package is closely aligned to the specification, reflects the most recent Junior Cycle Business Studies exams and delivers streamlined and updated content based on teacher and market feedback.

The new Time for Business package includes:

  • Student Textbook
  • Student Activity Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • FREE e-book
  • FREE Digital Resources


  • Student-friendly language throughout to make it accessible for all learners
  • Contains 39 chapters that comprehensively cover all Learning Outcomes in the specification and includes a detailed list of Learning Intentions for classroom use
  • Includes a range of activities mapped to key skills development and designed to promote active student engagement
  • Links within chapters to other learning outcomes and key skills are clearly highlighted
  • Contains new case studies featuring new businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Reflects the Junior Cycle Business Studies exam, with exam-style assessment questions throughout
  • Includes past exam questions and shows a clear link between chapter material and SEC exams
  • Up-to-date content, including Time for Business News’ and ‘Enterprise in action’ sections
  • Features a comprehensive guide to all aspects of assessment, including CBAs
  • Includes a new section on the impact of AI on businesses and consumers
  • The material provides students with key skills for life and equips them with knowledge on financial literacy
  • Colourful and vibrant layout, with relevant images, clear text boxes and panels
  • Key terms are highlighted in each chapter to help build subject specific vocabulary and key term boxes appear throughout to emphasise the material


The Student Activity Book comes free as part of the Time for Business package and provides students with the space to reflect and practice on their learning.

  • Additional questions and activities to complement textbook content
  • Contains exam-informed templates and formats for student practice
  • Encourages active learning, self-assessment, reflection and revision
  • Includes support for CBA preparation


The Time for Business Teacher’s Resource Book provides all the support and planning material you need to teach Junior Cycle Business Studies.

  • Provides comprehensive planning and assessment guidelines
  • Includes Unit of Learning and Scheme of Work templates
  • Solutions to all questions
  • Contains more detailed information in the key learning section
  • Suggested key learning, tips and teaching approaches


Teachers and students can access the Time for Business interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Editable chapter summary PowerPoints
  • Engaging videos illustrating Business Studies in action
  • Step-by-step accounts that demonstrate accounting exercises and techniques
  • Solutions to all questions and activities in the Textbook and Student Activity Book
  • Interactive quizzes to consolidate learning
  • Editable Excel templates for drafting final accounts
  • Editable planning documents and templates
  • Additional questions and activity worksheets
  • Links to useful websites

E-books and Digital Resources Available on