Music at Leaving Certificate (Course B)

Sound Check! B

A new and comprehensive programme for Leaving Certificate Music

Sound Check Course B! is the follow on text to the highly successful and market leading Sound Check Course A! package for Leaving Certificate Music Ordinary and Higher Level.

Sound Check! covers all sections of Music Course Bincluding the Practical Exam. Written by a highly experienced Music teacher and examiner with the SEC, Sound Check! builds on students’ experience of music at Junior Cycle and prepares them for all aspects of the Leaving Certificate course and exam, giving them the knowledge and skills to succeed.

The NEW Sound Check! Course B package includes a:

  • Student Book
  • Free Student e-Book 
  • Free Composition Manuscript
  • Free Digital Resources
  • Free Edco Audio App
  • Free Teacher’s CDs


  • Covers all sections of Leaving Certificate Music Course B including:
        • Aural Skills
        • Irish Music 
        • Four Prescribed Works
        • Music Theory and Composition
        • Performance and Technology
        • and the Practical Exam
  • Visually attractive with a colourful design and clear visual aids
  • Each unit features: Detailed Notes, Analysis and a Revision Section 
  • Units provide students with opportunities to develop their musical creativity, sensitivity and potential, through active involvement in performing, composing and listening to music
  • Contains a wide range of activities designed to support learning and build confidence
  • Activities have been designed to meet varied learning needs, incorporating collaborative learning techniques and assessment practices
  • Highlighted key terms and definition boxes are featured throughout the text
  • Content encourages students to listen purposefully to a wide variety of musical styles and genres alongside their prescribed works
  • Composition questions formatted to reflect the exam paper layout
  • Focuses on success through engagement with success criteria, past exam questions, sample answers and marking schemes
  • Encourages musical literacy through focused tasks and assessment activities
  • Each chapter features comprehensive revision and assessment material
  • ‘Study Station’ sections provide specific revision and engagement with assessment of the learning in each unit
  • Summative assessment activities are provided within each unit
  • The ‘Lingo Lab’ encourages students to self-assess their understanding of important musical terminology and concepts
  • Music Maps assist with students’ revision of Prescribed Works
  • Detailed guidance on preparing for Practical Exams (including technology materials and unprepared tests)
  • New Sound Check! Course B also supports teachers’ diverse use of methodologies, varied assessment practices and digital learning technologies


This free App allows you to listen to audio tracks for your Sound Check! programme. Just download the Edco Audio App to your mobile or desktop device or you can also listen online.

Free Teacher’s CDs


Teachers and students can access the Sound Check! Course B interactive e-book at, the audio CD tracks in digital format and the following free resources:

  • A series of PowerPoint presentations covering each unit
  • Additional activities and support materials
  • A bank of engaging and informative videos and podcasts

E-books and Digital Resources Available on


Laura Lynch has over 16 years’ experience teaching Music in the Irish education system. She has been teaching Music in St. Patrick’s Classical School in Meath since 2008. She also wrote a highly successful series, Sounds Good 1 & Sounds Good 2 for the Junior Cycle and market leading Sound Check! Course A for the Leaving Certificate.

Her qualifications include:

  • Graduate of Mater Dei Institute of Education, now part of DCU’s Institute of Education
  • Master’s Degree in Education: Innovative Teaching and Learning from Maynooth University