Pitch Perfect

A New Three Year Programme for Junior Cycle Music

Pitch Perfect is a new and innovative 3-year music programme designed to support student learning for Junior Cycle Music in a fun, no fuss format, over the three years of study. Written by a highly experienced Music teacher and an experienced examiner with the SEC, Pitch Perfect is structured in an accessible way to help students develop their musical literacy.

The Pitch Perfect Package includes a:

  • Student Textbook
  • Student Activity Book
  • Manuscript Booklet
  • Creative Whiteboard
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Edco Audio App
  • Digital Resources


    • Focused and accessible content that is student-friendly and engaging
    • Learning activities are inclusive and cater to mixed-ability groups and varied learning styles
    • Content is well-paced in a structured sequence with student activities to support student learning every step of the way
    • A no-fuss resource which is easy to navigate, fun to work with and efficient in gathering evidence of students’ work, progress and their two classroom-based assessments (CBAs)
    • The performance material is designed in an approachable manner for students who have not yet learned to play an instrument
    • Performance supports are provided for Recorder, Singing, Ukulele and Guitar with play-along practice tracks and accompaniment tracks suitable for use in the Practical Exam
    • Promotes and supports Irish music – featuring an enormous number of music tracks and videos that promote Irish artists and all those in the Irish music industry
    • Includes Exam Paper questions and exam advice
    • Encourages students to act as learning resources for each other through peer and group activities
    • Challenges students to work as independent learners, developing their skills as researchers, creators, composers, critics, problem solvers and reviewers of their own work
    • Includes videos to support visual learners and engage pupil
    • Divided into two appropriate parts: Section A and Section B
  • Section A content introduces students to the material they need to engage with in Year 1 and 2 of Junior Cycle
      • The focus is placed on developing musical literacy, listening and appraising skills, and compositional technique
      • CBA1 is completed in this section of the book
      • All learning is supported by check-in questions, word play/keyword quizzes, creative tasks, homework activities and self and peer-assessments in the Student Activity Book
      • Units and chapters are arranged to accommodate the time constraints for schools with subject sampling in Year 1
      • All learning is linked to Learning Outcomes
  • Section B content is designed for Year 3, to revisit material covered in Section A whilst building on the learning experiences students have engaged with there
      • The content moves student learning towards the more demanding parts of the specification
      • Students will engage explicitly with the 36 Learning Outcomes as they prepare for summative assessment
      • Exam tips and revision supports are included in each chapter
      • Tasks in the Student Activity Book are designed to prepare students for exam questions and encourage students to revise and refine their exam skills
      • CBA2 is completed in this section of the book
Flip through Pitch Perfect Student Textbook below


The Pitch Perfect Student Activity Book captures evidence of student learning and includes a broad range of activities linking students to the learning in each chapter of their textbook.

  • Includes compositional tasks and also captures all aspects of students’ learning across their three years of study, supporting students’ engagement with all 36 learning outcomes
  • Collects evidence of student learning in Section A and Section B
  • The broad range and style of activities provide opportunities for student learning, assessment and reflection
  • Incorporates activities such as listening tasks, composing tasks, homework assignments, topic questions, keyword tasks, exam preparations, research logs, and revision activities for each chapter
  • Supports students’ learning with graphic organisers, draft and brainstorming boxes
  • Includes revision, assessment of learning activities, and space for gathering feedback and reflections on students’ work
  • Features a designated resource for CBA Portfolios – for students to complete their two classroom-based assessments (CBAs)
Flip through Pitch Perfect Student Activity Book below


A free Music Manuscript Booklet comes with the programme, providing a space for students to practise music notation and record evidence of their learning and progress.

  • 12 Staves per page
  • No clefs written and no measures are included to allow maximum flexibility when composing
  • Enough space between staves for lyrics
  • Students’ Notes pages provide space to record compositions which do not require traditional stave notation note taking


This Free Audio App allows you to listen to audio tracks for your Pitch Perfect programme. The app can be downloaded to a mobile or desktop device at www.edcoaudioapp.ie or you can also listen online.


A fresh approach to the Pitch Perfect Create and Compose Whiteboard is designed to support student learning. Now includes a new blank backing chord bank and an AFL traffic light to support assessment strategies and student engagement.


A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Book provides support for teachers in the areas of

  • Departmental and individualised planning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment and Review and reporting

It comes free with the package and aims to be a treasured companion for teachers using the Pitch Perfect Junior Cycle Music package with their students. It also includes:

  • Additional teaching material and extension tasks to complement student learning
  • Christmas and Summer tests
  • Classroom Based Assessment Portfolios
  • Practical Pieces with Play-Along Tracks and Backing Tracks
  • Posters for classroom use
Flip through Pitch Perfect's Planning Document below
Flip through Pitch Perfect's CBA Booklet below



Teachers can access the new Pitch Perfect interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, as well as a range of free digital resources, including:

  • A series of PowerPoint presentations covering a range of topics for each unit
  • Accompanying videos to support visual learners
  • Audio tracks

E-books and Digital Resources Available on