Discover Maths 1

A new, highly accessible and engaging First Year Maths Book for the Junior Cycle

Discover Maths 1 is a new First Year Maths book, written by a team of highly experienced, maths experts. It is the first in a three-book series designed to fully meet the needs of teachers and students, and the requirements of the Junior Cycle Maths specification. 

Written in a highly accessible manner, and addressing the challenges of the mixed-ability First Year classroom, the book contains hundreds of excellent and engaging questions to suit all abilities and support the transition from Primary School Maths. As well as a comprehensive range of resources to support the planning and teaching needs of teachers.

The Discover Maths 1 package includes:

  • A Student Textbook
  • Free Student eBook
  • Free Student Graph Copy
  • A Teacher’s Resource Book – including editable planning documents and worked solutions
  • Free Digital Resources

Introducing Discover Maths 1,
a First Year Junior Cycle Maths Textbook



  • Well-structured and focused chapters with clear learning intentions highlighted at the beginning of each chapter
  • Content is delivered in a simple and straightforward approach and sets the foundations of Junior Cycle Maths for all students
  • Chapters are colour-coded by strand for ease of navigation 
  • Definitions, notes, examples for every question type and exercise are included, ensuring students’ seamless progression through the content
  • Topics are introduced to students in an appropriate and accessible way to ensure understanding of tricky concepts
  • key emphasis on unification throughout, with dedicated chapters, providing students effective opportunities to understand and practice unifying different mathematical skills developed in previous chapters
  • Think-Pair-Share, Class Discussion, Class Activity tasks and questions encourage individual inquiry, pair-work and whole-class learning
    •  A wide range of questions on each topic to help students develop their mathematical ability
    • Differentiated questions cater for students of varying abilities in the mixed-ability First Year classroom
    • Exam-style questions are incorporated into the end-of-chapter revision exercises, and are graded into three levels to help you assess students’ mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills and allow you to set appropriate questions for your class:
          • Accelerator
          • Cruise Control
          • Turbo
  • Self-assessment opportunities allow students to assess and reflect on their learning, including anticipation exercises and reflection tasks at the beginning and end of chapters
  • A ‘Spotlight on Mathematicians Throughout History’ feature highlights the real-world relevance of maths
  • Fun content including maths jokes and end of-chapter ‘Just for Fun’ exercises is integrated throughout
  • Short answers are provided at the back of the book 
  • FREE Student Graph Copy provided for students to complete specific maths questions


Discover Maths 1 Teacher’s Resource Book has everything a teacher needs to successfully teach and plan First Year Junior Cycle Maths and help you save time:

  • Comprehensive editable planning documents
  • Printed fully worked solutions
  • Guidance on the Junior Cycle Maths specification
  • Additional blank templates


Teachers and students can access the Discover Maths 1 interactive e-book at, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Editable chapter summary PowerPoints to aid revision and exam preparation
  • Editable worked solutions PowerPoints for each chapter, with step-by-step workings for questions
  • Author-presented demonstration videos of worked examples covering tricky topics
  • Quizlet activities to reinforce and revise textbook content
  • Customised and engaging GeoGebra activities
  • Editable units of learning and templates to support planning
  • Links to useful websites

Check out our sample PowerPoints below

Worked Solutions PowerPoint (each question in the chapter is included with graph paper to allow you to complete the worked solution on the whiteboard in class with your students – Solutions are also provided at the end of the PowerPoint for your reference) 

Chapter Summary PowerPoint

E-books and Digital Resources Available on


Discover Maths 1 is written by a team of Maths teaching expertsall with extensive experience as practicing secondary school Maths teachers. With a combined wealth of diverse experience teaching in various educational settings, the authors also design and conduct seminars on mathematical teaching methods for teachers across Ireland. 

Additionally, their in-depth experience includes correcting State Examinations and providing online tuition in Maths education to Junior Cycle students nationwide. The author team has also been instrumental in teaching mathematics to Junior Cycle students from 23 Deis schools, showcasing their dedication to inclusive education as part of the Trinity Access Programme.