A New, Engaging and Up-to-date Package for Junior Cycle Religious Education

Reflections is a new and engaging package for Junior Cycle Religious Education from The Educational Company of Ireland. Written by our highly experienced author team, with combined Religious Education teaching experience of 45 years, this new package includes the most up-to-date and relevant content, delivered in a fresh and engaging layout.

The new Reflections package includes:

  • Student Textbook
  • Free Student Activity Book
  • Free Student e-Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Digital Resources


    • Covers the entire Junior Cycle Religious Education course in a one-book format
    • Suitable for both exam and non-exam classes
    • Content is structured and split into easy-to-follow units and chapters
    • Learning outcomes and intentions are listed at the start of each chapter and are linked to material to help students make the connection
    • Key skills are identified and key words are explained and highlighted
    • Content is supported by a wide range of activities and methodologies
    • Chapters contain differentiated questions, using the traffic light system, making them ideal for mixedability groups
    • Sample exam-style questions and answers with helpful hints
    • Two dedicated chapters for the Classroom Based Activities (CBAs) are included 
    • Draft, review and redraft exercises with self- and peer-assessment
    • All five major world religions and non-religious worldviews are explored – features comic strips that tell the stories of the five major world religions
  • Looking back at your learning section at the end of chapters includes questions and activities to check knowledge, understanding and attitude
  • Visual key words page at the end of chapters
  • Reflection moments throughout, including reflect and watch video links and wellbeing check-ins
  • Digital links are included in chapters with a report sheet template in the Teacher’s Resource Book


Free as part of the new package, the Student Activity Book includes a wide range of activities and allows students to develop key skills and reflect on their learning. It contains a wide range of activities such as key word searches, visual stimulus questions, creative writing prompts, etc.


Provides all the support you need to teach Junior Cycle Religious Education, including comprehensive planning, teaching and assessment materials.

It contains:

  • A suggested yearly plan
  • Chapter tests
  • Christmas, Easter and Summer Tests with marking schemes
  • Pre-starter activity for each topic
  • Extended activity ideas for all topics
  • Suggested extra online resources
  • Level 2 Learning Programme resources
  • Templates for methodologies


Teachers and students can access the Reflections interactive e-book at, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Editable PowerPoint presentations
  • Engaging videos to enhance learning
  • Interactive quizzes to consolidate learning
  • Podcasts with advice on exam preparation for students, plus tips from the authors for teachers
  • Editable planning documents and templates

E-books and Digital Resources Available on


With over 45 years’ combined Religious Education teaching experience, Niamh McDermott and Lori Whelan have worked in various roles in Religious Education over many years, such as Chief Advising Examiners with the State Examinations Commission, facilitators of CPD to Religious Education teachers around the country and creators and presenters of courses to Third Level post-graduate students. They have also written a range of Junior Cycle textbooks and revision materials to support students and teachers in Post-Primary schools.