The Natural World

Leaving Certificate Geography

The Natural World is a comprehensive and the most up-to-date package available for Leaving Certificate Higher and Ordinary Level Geography students.
The Natural World Core Book 1 provides the toolkit to support students to develop the skills necessary to succeed at Leaving Certificate Geography.

The Natural World series includes:

  • Student Core Book 1 Core Units 1, 2 & 3
  • Student Book 2 (Elective 4, Options 6 & 7)
  • Student Book 3 (Elective 5, Options 7, 8 & 9)
  • Free Digital Resources


Delivers thorough and up-to-date coverage of the key concepts and themes for the Geography course. 

  • Organised into clear and concise chapters and subdivided into topics, making it easy for students to find and review specific topics
  • Each chapter develops the concepts, supports teacher planning and includes the following to deliver ‘high-quality’ lessons:
      • Links to prior learning through retrieval practice
      • Teacher modelled explanations
      • Opportunities for students to check for understanding throughout learning
      • Opportunities for guided student practice
      • Opportunities for independent student practice
      • Summative progress check
  • Each chapter begins with a list of learning intentions and key terms, helping students to focus their studies and understand the main points they will be expected to know 
  • A wide range of questions are provided, catering clearly for both Higher and Ordinary level. These include:
      • ‘Check your Understanding’ tiered questioning for every topic, to test students’ knowledge of the key concepts at three different levels: Basic, Developed and Advanced Knowledge
      • Past exam questions at the end of each chapter
  • Sample exam question answers serve as a reference point for students to complete their own work. These are available online.
  • Each chapter contains a knowledge retrieval activity to help consolidate prior knowledge and provide connections to previous topics studied
  • The ‘Write Like a Geographer’ sections provide an exam question along with a set of explicit success criteria, breaking the question into a series of manageable steps to help students maximise the marks
  • A section on ‘How to improve geographic writing’ is included, as well as a suggested formula on ‘How to write SRP’s’
      • Sample exam answers with common mistakes are highlighted to ensure students can identify and avoid these errors and structure a successful response
      • A ‘Think Like an Examiner’ section at the end of the sample answers online helps students understand what is expected and required
  • Important case studies are included in each chapter to help improve the analysis synthesis of information from multiple sources, including;
        • Covid-19 Pandemic, Cost-of-Living Crisis 2022, Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Housing Crisis in Ireland
        • Recent geographic disaster events such as the Hunga Tonga Volcanic Eruption 2022 
        • Climate Change related geographic events such as Mudslides in Brazil 2022 and Drought in Europe 2022
    • A variety of different data sets and graphs are also included throughout the text, providing students with an opportunity to develop the key geographical skill of interpreting a wide variety of data from a diverse set of graphs
    • A wide range of full-colour and appealing maps, diagrams and photos to help illustrate complex concepts and bring the material to life
        • Important diagrams in the book are drawn in a simple style that enables students to reproduce the diagram in an exam setting
    • The most up-to-date and age-appropriate explanations on the evolving theories of
      plate tectonic 


Teachers and students can access The Natural World interactive e-book at, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Solutions, editable planning documents and graphic organisers
  • Chapter summary PowerPoints with key points and images for each chapter
  • Engaging Podcasts at the end of every chapter review key aspects of all topics and provide links to possible exam questions
  • A wide range of videos, including interesting and informative topic-based news features and documentaries, plus demonstrations of the key skills students need to master as part of the Leaving Certificate Geography course
  • Unique and innovative chapter lesson plans are provided as editable PowerPoint presentations for convenient and time-saving teacher planning. Each lesson plan includes retrieval activities, concept explanations and modelling, and progress checks
  • Supplementary material including key definitions, additional ‘Write Like a Geographer’ activities, sample answers to exam questions, useful websites and much more


Lee O’Donnell is a dedicated educator and specialises in the field of geography education. Lee has extensive experience teaching both Geography and History at Woodbrook College, Co. Wicklow. In addition, Lee also serves as a Geography Methodology Lecturer at UCD, where his work focuses on innovative approaches to student learning, including the use of technology and retrieval practice. Lee also hosts the popular Leaving Certificate revision podcast ‘Skin in the Game’, where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience with students preparing for their exams.